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flowing gel

cool anti fatigue gel for heavy legs

organic green tea and passionflower

Legs feeling light and refreshed: draining, energizing gel that provides an immediate sense of relief from that heavy feeling in the legs and ankles. The green tea performs an anti-oxidizing and anti-free radical action, while the guarana with its high caffeine content boasts lipolytic properties — helping to combat cellulite — and the gingko biloba performs an essential decongestant action.

The texture of this product is light and the tiny spheres contain active ingredients that are not unleashed until the moment of application. It leaves the skin pleasantly fresh, perfumed and with no greasy residue; the gel is swiftly absorbed, so there is no need to wait before dressing.


for heavy legs

daily use

ref. 8011

250 ml 8.5 fl.oz.