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dsf 30

balance activator

artichoke and lavender

dsf has a soothing action: it improves skin tone and eases reddening, restores the level of moisture, protects the skin from abrupt temperature changes, dryness and pollution

Specific purifying and normalizing treatment with intensive action for damaged skin balance: first it restores moisture, then it normalizes oily secretions, promoting the elimination of toxins, so as to decongest and clarify the skin. The result is a compact, moisturized, toned, elastic skin with a smooth, luminous matt aspect.

Soft, creamy texture, purifying aromacological fragrance, rebalancing chromacological color.



Rebalancing Serum 30ml      

Replaces Oe Balance Activator

A rebalancing serum with an antiseptic and normalizing action,  the combination of particular active ingredients including; mandelic acid, caper extract , prickly pear, lavender essential oils, laminaria sachalinensis algae and tea tree oil, means it absorbs excess sebum , purifies and heals and controls shine.

It minimises the appearance of large pores and calms redness.

The complexion is smoother in texture and more even in tone and has a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Apply after cleansing and toning underneath day and night cream.