Beautytrade Skin Care Products

dsf 10

de-stressing soother

aloe and butcherbroom

dsf has a soothing action: it improves skin tone and eases reddening, restores the level of moisture, protects the skin from abrupt temperature changes, dryness and pollution

Specific daily treatment to calm and fortify stressed, fragile skin. Gives tone and vitality to fragile skin subject to stress and aggressions, permitting it to find its natural balance and reacquire a uniform complexion without redness.

Fresh texture, readily absorbed, relaxing aromacological fragrance, relaxing chromacological color.

extract of leaves of aloe: antinflammatory, softening, moisturizing, refreshing, smoothing, clarifying

extract of butcherbroom*: soothing to aid vein and lymph circulation

dsf 10

NEW. Sensitive and Emollient Cream 50ml   

Replaces Oe DSF10 De-Stressing Soother

A lightweight and velvety protective cream, formulated for the most sensitive skin.  It immediately soothes reddened irritated skin and protects from further sensitivity that is subject to redness. A light and fresh texture with a high tolerance to protect and revitalize sensitive skin. Special ingredients have been selected like aloe to cool, an anti-pollution complex to offer protection, enteromorpha algae to strengthen capillaries and shea butter to really nourish. Apply to face and neck every day for nourishment, protection and hydration.