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ef 35

eye contour feeder

honey and dogrose

ef regenerates, nourishes and oxygenates: every day fatigue, worries, stress and pollution - to prevent stress from becoming a problem, the skin needs the proper instruments to protect it

Regenerating, smoothing concentrate for the skin in the eye zone when fatigued, dull, puffy.

Eliminates toxins and revitalizes the skin, leaving it elastic and toned. It is an ideal foundation for makeup to ensure uniform, compact coverage.

Fine creamy texture, fragrance free.

honey: regenerating, nourishing and reactivating

extract of dogrose: vitaminizing, tonic, antioxidizing, protective

global shield biocomplextm*: protective and bioactivating

extract of mallow: decongestant and moisturizing

extract of olive-tree lea: antioxidizing

extract of grape leaf: antioxidizing and detoxifying

oil of wheat germ: antioxidizing, nourishing, vitaminizing, softening

oil of sweet almonds: softening and nourishing

oil of enothera: vitaminizing, nourishing, restorative, moisturizing

sesame seed oil: nourishing, protective and softening

ref. 8124

repairing smoothing cream for the eye zone honey and dogrose