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mf 30

moisture activator

iris and passionflower

mf is moisturizing: only a skin with sufficient reserves of moisture is able to defend itself everyday stress – moisturized skin, strong skin

Specific moisturizing treatment with intensive action for the periods of greater fatigue and stress, when the skin is dry and damaged. Constant uniform moisture all day long: minimizes evaporation of skin moisture, absorbs moisture from the air and conveys it to the epidermis. The hydrolipid film is normalized, the skin becomes more turgid, flexible and elastic.

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Intense Hydra Serum 30ml    

Replaces  Oe  Moisture Activator

A nourishing and protective face serum, enriched with extract of caviar, codium tomentosum algae and marine collagen that have extreme hydrating and antioxidant action, it has a pleasant and comfortable sensation on the skin, nourishes and hydrates the skin immediately, improving its firmess and elasticity.

Main active ingredients are; caviar extract , marine collagen and algae codium tomentosum.

Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning underneath day or night cream.