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Body treatments

Oe – Organic Elements skin care for the body from Royal Effem, promotes not just natural but organic sources for it’s ingredients and offers a psycho-physical balance, the effectiveness of which has been proven by the University of Cosmetology in Ferrara Italy. The bodyline encompasses a totally holistic approach and thanks to the technologically advanced formulae, encapsulated microspheres containing active ingredients, are only freshly released onto the skin at the time of application.

Oe organic skincare body treatments are all designed specifically to combat the challenges faced by men and woman with modern life styles and experiencing stress and time constraints, constant travel and poor diet with longer working days and a general feeling of lethargy. Such lifestyles inevitably promote conditions of stubborn cellulite of all stages, water retention problems, a general build up of toxins, loose skin often caused by dieting or post pregnancy, sluggish uneven body contours and dull lifeless skin tone.