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Oe – Organic Elements is a new Italian lifestyle face and body skincare brand that encompasses certified organically grown ingredients and utilises only the most advanced technology available. A brand that has received extensive exposure with many consumer magazines including Vogue, The Times and the Daily Mail to name but a few   It has global patents and micro encapsulated active ingredients ensuring freshly activated result driven products and treatments during every application, a concept that totally embraces today’s product conscious beauty spa consumer.

Treatment programmes and products are prescribed only after careful skin and lifestyle analysis and a full consultation with highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable and caring therapists. Oil cocktails are introduced and chosen according to mood and emotional state before treatments begin and then feet, hands and arm, shoulders or head is massaged during each treatment.

Enjoy Your Face (detoxifying and balancing any skin type)

treatment time  45 mins  

As the name of this treatment implies a facial to enjoy! An introduction to all of the Oe treatment programmes for all skin types, ‘Enjoy Your Face’ detoxifies and balances and generally affords a brighter renewed look to the complexion, the use of De-Stressing Energy Mask and Decontracturing Oil also ensure a complete feeling of well-being.

Easy pureness (purifying treatment for oily skin)  

treatment time 1 hour  

An extremely effective purifying treatment designed to balance oily skin. ‘Easy Pureness’ promotes thorough deep down cleansing, and the use of Ozone Activator containing Tea Tree Oil, Raspberry and Dandelion extract ensures healing and an anti bacterial action. The complexion is left feeling fresh and comfortable and looking bright, even and less shiny.

Emotional Balance (treatment for acne)     

treatment time 1 hour 10 mins              

An extremely effective treatment designed for skins that are acne prone. The skin is gently but deeply cleansed and the use of C-Biosurge with fresh vitamin C really helps to regulate sebaceous glands with the anti inflammatory effect eliminating scarring and the general angry appearance of acne. Acne is prevented from recurring and the skin is deeply repaired.

Emotions Away (treatment for sensitive skin)   

treatment time 1hour                

A very delicate treatment for fine sensitive skin that helps to reinforce capillary walls, repair and tone down reddened fragile skin and generally protect and de-sensitise. The use of Deep Moisture Mask during this treatment with Aloe Vera Gel, Seaweed, Plantain and Phytosqualene helps to really protect and sooth. The tone of the skin appears more even and the complexion is ultimately more comfortable, not tight or any longer with a sensation of heat.

Exceptional Menu (treatment for dry skin)   

treatment time 1 hour                            

A treatment rich in vital trace minerals for dry de-hydrated skin. Fresh vitamins A, C and E stimulate the production of collagen improving elasticity and deeply moisturising the very deepest layers of skin. Ginseng tones and Millet, Oat and Fenugreek repair, soften and strengthen the skin. The complexion is left with a lasting feeling of hydration and is deeply nourished.

Embracing Waters (hydration treatment)      

treatment time 1 hour                

A wonderfully re-hydrating facial treatment for skins that is low in water reserves. Very gentle yet thorough cleansing precedes deep enzyme exfoliation preparing the skin to receive deep lasting moisture. The delicate eye area is also treated to a cooling detoxifying Eye Relief Sprinkle. Tightness disappears and a much smoother texture emerges.

Eluding Time (age prevention treatment)     

treatment time 1 hour                             

A preventative treatment designed for the very first signs of ageing normally appearing around the delicate eye area and the neck, décolleté and hands. Hops, Green Tea, Vegetal collagen and Fenugreek help to repair and strengthen collagen synthesis improving elasticity and preventing further more deepened lines. The skin is lifted and firmed with a brighter renewed appearance.

Experience New Vitality (anti-aging treatment)    

treatment time 1 hour                             

A very active, extremely effective anti-ageing treatment for mature skins or premature ageing caused through stress, illness, and sudden loss of weight or poor lifestyle. Glycolic Acid is applied for deep lasting exfoliation and repairing, lifting and renewing. Complexions with deep lines and uneven skin tones showing signs of sun damage and loss of elasticity are enormously improved. A must for skins showing obvious signs of neglect or just intrinsic ageing.