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absolutely natural nourishment for the skin

The products we choose to treat our skin should be selected with the same attention with which we select the food we eat. A food product that must be natural, healthy, pure.

The purity and natural characteristic of vegetable ingredients is becoming more and more polluted by chemical substances that are used to promote growth and resistance to pests, but that are absorbed by their most inner structure and remain there until they are stealthily transferred to our organism. The natural element thus loses its positive connotation and becomes a receptacle of poisons.

The solution? extracts of plants grown according to exclusively natural methods, using only the natural fertility of the soil, in respect of the nature of the plants, totally eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers: organic farming. To enhance growth and combat parassites and diseases, organic farming uses the force of nature, for healthy, natural products.

Aware of this, Oe uses in its formulation extracts of plants grown organically and certified as such: natural healthy nourishment for the organism, special food for the skin, in line with its organic needs, for a healthier approach to life.

Oe does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, the finished product is not tested on animals, for respect not only of our skin but also of that of other living creatures.